Welcome to Sweet Pea

About Us

Securing financial support can be overwhelming. We believe that fertility treatment costs shouldn't be the barrier to realizing your family goals.  The Sweet Pea Community brings together individuals who are undergoing or considering undergoing fertility treatment so that they make better-informed decisions about how to secure funds to do so.  

In our community we:

*Provide guidance, education, and resources to secure funding for fertility treatments 

*Share and gain knowledge, tips, and strategies with others following a similar path

*Give support and empathy – and hopefully, help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety

Why You Should Join Us

Be a part of an engaged, supportive community where we respectfully and compassionately share our stories, frustrations, and successes.

As a member of our community, you will:

 1. Learn what questions to ask your physician AND billing department upfront to better estimate your overall spend

2. Leverage knowledge from the community to feel confident advocating for yourself with your physician's office, with your employer, and with your insurance provider

3. Understand where to look for ALL your fertility financing options and how to evaluate them based on your specific needs

4. Have fun!

5. Be eligible for a $100 monthly mini-grant for your engagement